July 14th

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July 13th

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I’m not the only one who likes to carry my backpack around with me everywhere with all of my shit all the time , right

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unlock yo disc

July 1st

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Matthieu, shot in Paris

June 20th

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rooms are my favorite thing in the world and being able to just make rooms for people to walk through would be the best thing

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June 16th

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Astrid Andersen S/S 2015 Menswear

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June 15th

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June 9th

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Mother Monster, alien goddess of love.

Can transform her skin into a hard, disco mirror surface.  Wields a giant disco stick and will pummel you with moves like Monster Paw and Poker Face.

Super move: Koons Ball Barrage

I need a new name since “Pop Justice” is already the name of a website…BOO.

May 28th

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Why dont I have more broke friends? I dont like this pressure to have money in order to have fun. I dont wanna go somewhere nice. I cant afford to eat a place with a philosophy. I just wanna sit on the beach and talk about things and stuff and drink and maybe draw you.

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The Giver - Trailer

May 27th

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a speck

Dr. Ph. Martin watercolour

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girl’s talk